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Online Counselling

With the onset of COVID-19 and now rising costs, the world had to adapt quickly to rapidly evolving circumstances. Online counselling has become increasingly popular and effective. It has allowed for greater access to counsellors, especially for people that have busy work schedules, or those that would like to save money on transportation. Online counselling is similar to in-person counselling and the therapist is still held to the same legal and ethical standards of their profession. It is effective and beneficial if the client has a stable internet connection and a quiet, private space. 

Online Counselling sessions will be held via Zoom. 

My Approach

Counselling gives the client the opportunity to unlearn, learn and relearn aspects about themselves, their feelings, and thoughts, with the help of a professional.


My approach to counselling is shaped by the unique circumstances of each person and influenced by his or her culture, family, beliefs, and personal identity. Using a combination of counseling techniques from client-centered to cognitive-behavioral therapy, I aim to guide clients in overcoming their circumstances and reaching their full potential. I aim to consult with clients to find the best treatment options to overcome their issues by giving them the essential tools to assist in finding their own personal 'why' and help them overcome those obstacles that are limiting them to reach their full potential; thus allowing them to begin again.

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30 Minute Discovery Session

Our 30 Minute Discovery Session offers a chance for us to become better acquainted. It's a relaxed, confidential conversation where you're invited to discuss what prompted you to seek therapy, your desired outcomes, and any questions you may have about the therapy process. This session also allows me to outline my therapeutic approach and provide insight into what our sessions could entail. It serves as an opportunity for us both to determine if we are well-suited to collaborate towards achieving your goals.

30 Minute Discovery Sessions will be held via Zoom. 

Contact Me

All appointments are conducted remotely via Zoom.

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